Vocational education-congress 2017

foto mbo-4 congres


On May 22nd 2017 the annual vocational education-congress was held in the Learnhotel Het Klooster in Amersfoort. This congress has been organized by DUO. As in previous years the congress was well visited. Besides different presentations several workshops where held on the areas of development, improvement and quality of education.

Special guest of the congress was Maria Genova. She is a professional writer and she recently published her book with the title: Komt een vrouw bij de hacker.

She told a fascinating story about the dangers of using social media and how hackers work to spread viruses and how to prevent this.

After the plenary presentations there were seven simultaneous workshop sessions, in which all aspects of vocational education were covered.

The secretariat of the National Commission organized in cooperation with the IND (Immigration Naturalisation Service) a workshop about the pilot VET-4. This workshop was well attended and the expectation is that new institutions in vocational education will apply for the Register of the Code of Conduct in the near future.

We look back at a successful workshop.