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Affiliated institutions

Here you can find the list with institutions that subscribe the articles of the Code of Conduct and are registered. In the table below you can see which institution is currently active and receives participants.


Institution Location Date of registration Active / Inactive Education offered
AOC Groenhorst College Ede 17 November 2016 inactive
Lentiz onderwijsgroep Vlaardingen 30 January 2017 inactive
ROC Friesland College Leeuwarden 1 February 2017 inactive
ROC Amsterdam Amsterdam 6 February 2017 inactive
ROC Mondriaan The Hague 3 March 2017 inactive
Nordwin College Leeuwarden 11 April 2017 inactive
Clusius College Alkmaar 25 April 2017 inactive
Deltion College Zwolle 5 December 2017 inactive
AOC Wellantcollege Houten 20 August 2018 inactive
STC Group Rotterdam 26 March 2019 inactive
Koning Willem I College Den Bosch 20 November 2019 inactive
Kronenburgh International Business School Den Haag 11 January 2021 inactive