by appointment only

Presenting participants

After the institution has been included in the register and is recognized by the IND as a sponsor, the institution must report to the administrator of the register the number of participants for which it will apply for entry to the Netherlands by using the appropriate form. This must be done prior to a request with the IND for the application of residence permits for its participants.

After reception of the participation form, the administrator of the register will check whether the participation meets the relevant conditions which have been set in Article 8.1 of the Code of Conduct VET level 4:

a) maximum number of 100 participants for the pilot scheme per course year; whereas a range of 20% per course year is allowed, provided that for the duration of the pilot scheme the maximum number does not exceed 300;
b) maximum number of 20 participants per institution per course year;
c) the minimum age of the participants in the pilot scheme is 18 years;
d) no more than 30% of the participants in the pilot scheme is of the same nationality;
e) at least 75% of the participants in the pilot scheme registers for a VET level 4 course that is among the top nine sectors;
f) the remaining 25% can be used for other courses, and
g) participation in the corresponding course year is no longer possible if the targeted maximum percentages have been reached.

After the administrator of the register has taken a positive decision regarding the application of the participants, the educational institution may apply for their residence permits with the IND.